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Introduction is a non-denominational website. Its goal is to create an entertaining, enlightening and spiritually uplifting website for the all-in-one convenience to Christians across North America and beyond. The website focuses on providing artist information, music news and other resources to enrich, encourage and help users live Godly lives based on Biblical perspectives. We want to provide a child-friendly environment on the Internet. helps Christians and other businesses to target their selected markets and assists them defining themselves on the Internet. reflects the diversity of the Web and of the people using it. The influence of the Internet on the daily lives of Christians continues to grow.

Christian Music Town on the Web

Since its launch in June 2005, has grown to be one of the most visited Christian music sites.

More and more Christians are using to find christian artist information, as well as to get their Christian music news stories, and new releases. offers one of the most comprehensive Christian music guides providing an ideal environment for targeted advertising on the Internet.

Visitors to Christian Music Town

Christian Music Town receives over 13,000 total visitors per month and over 10,000 unique visitors per month (and growing).

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Advertising on Christian Music Town is one of the easiest ways to promote your company on the Web. has made the process very simple.

Advertising on Christian Music Town will not only bring many visitors to your site, but it will also increase your page ranking in search engines because of the over 2500 pages which can support links. We offer three advertising packages:

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