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Home: # : 38th Parallel

Artist Info

Names: Mark Jennings (vocals), Nate Rippke (vocals), Shane Moe (guitars), Jeff Barton (bass), Aaron Nordyke (drums)

Genre: Rock, Hip Hop/Rap
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Warner Records
Similar Artists: Linkin Park, Korn, Default, Incubus

38th Parallel may be a relatively new band on the scene, but their groove-oriented style of music is definitely turning some heads in the Christian music industry. The boys from small town Iowa have found a perfect mix of rock, rap and lyrical guiness that have really seperated themselves from the mainstream. This band is definitely going to make a real name for themselves so stay up to date with all that they do.

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Turn the Tides (2002)


38th Parallel's Debut Single 'Horizon'
Squint Signs 38th Parallel
Squint Preparing New Releases

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Album, Turn the Tides

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Interviews, October 2002, On the Line with 38th Parallel


Relaxing over a quiet breakfast, the members of Ames, Iowa-based 38th Parallel pause to consider the question, "what is the most exciting thing about being signed to a major label recording contract?" After a thoughtful consideration, drummer Aaron Nordyke says, "Well, we get to wear somewhat cooler clothes than when we worked at Dairy Queen." Peels of laughter threaten to disrupt diners at the small... Click Here To Read More

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