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Home: # : 4 Him

Artist Info

Names: Andy Chrisman (vocals), Kirk Sullivan (vocals), Mark Harris (vocals), Marty Magehee (vocals)

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 13
Record Label: INO Records
Similar Artists: Savage Garden

4 Him have been making great pop and worship style of music for 15 years. With the four distinct solo voices of Andy Chrisman, Kirk Sullivan, Mark Harris, Marty Magehee they have had many hits like, For Future Generations. But the guys from 4 Him have decided to expand their talents with solo albums. Andy and Mark were to the first to try it solo and we are sure the rest will follow. So keep your ears open as to what these guys will offer in the future.

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Encore…For Future Generations (2006)
Visible (2003)
Walk On (2001)
Chapter One … A Decade (2001)
Hymns: A Place of Worship (2000)
The Best Ones (1999)
Obvious (1998)
The Message (1996)
The Ride (1994)
Christmas: The Season of Love (1993)
The Basics of Life (1992)
Face the Nation (1991)
4Him (1990)


4Him joins 'An Evening With Philip Yancey'
4Him's evolution is Visible on September 23rd
Four Guys And A Fruitcake?

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Album, Encore…For Future Generations
Album, Visible
Album, Walk On
Album, Chapter One … A Decade
Album, Hymns: A Place of Worship
Album, The Best Ones
Album, Obvious
Album, The Message
Album, The Ride
Album, Christmas: The Season of Love
Album, The Basics of Life
Album, Face the Nation
Album, 4Him

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Christian Music Today, Going Solo … 4Now
Campus Life Jul/Aug 1997, 4Giveness


In the business of music, 15 years might as well be a lifetime; however, for four ordinary guys who couldn't imagine anything better than singing about Jesus, the past 15 years have been more like a dream come to life. 4Him has been about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through the powerful, incomparable medium of music since their beginnings singing... Click Here To Read More

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