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Home: # : 4th Avenue Jones

Artist Info

Names: Ahmad Jones , Tena Jones, Phat Al, Timmy Shakes, Dee, Gail Y Bird

Genre: Hip-Hop/Rap, Rock, Funk
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Gotee Records
Similar Artists: Black Eyed Peas, 311, The Roots, N.E.R.D

4th Avenue Jones have never been easy to classify with their unique blend of rap, rock, funk and soul. That's okay, because Ahmad Jones , Tena Jones, Phat Al, Timmy Shakes, Dee, Gail Y Bird want it that way. 4th Avenue Jones have been constantly evolving their their musical style to what it is today. They call it HipRockSoul. If you want a group that always brings a refreshing sound on every album then keep up to date with this group.

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Stereo: The Evolution of Hiprocksoul (2005)
No Plan B (2002)
Move On (2002)
Respect (2000)
No Plan B (1999)


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Album, Stereo: The Evolution of Hiprocksoul
Album, No Plan B
Album, Move On
Album, Respect
Album, No Plan B

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4th Avenue Jones is a band that has consistently pushed the boundaries of its sound with a groundbreaking blend of rock, soul, and Hip Hop influences. Their energy is reminiscent of the glory days when music was art and innovation was King. The 4th Avenue Jones signature sound, ‘Hiprocksoul’, is a flavor that defies conventional songwriting with a combination of energy and precision. They recently completed work on an incredible new album entitled STEREO: The Evolution Of Hiprocksoul (Lookalive/Gotee/EMI). Lead vocalist Ahmad Jones calls... Click Here To Read More

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