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Home: A : Aaron Benward

Artist Info

Name: Aaron Benward

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Sparrow Records

Aaron Benward may not be a solo artist anymore, but that doesn't mean that his music will be forgotten. Since Aaron had written almost all the songs on his album, Imagine, it is a really personal album that reflects who he is. With his great voice and strong lyrics it's definitely an album to get. If you just can't get enough of Aaron then you can check him out as one half of Blue County.

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Imagine (2000)



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Album, Imagine

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"I love life," Aaron Benward confesses unapologetically. "I mean, I REALLY love life!" It is a confession that mirrors his profound appreciation for the important things in life—love of God, love of family, love of life itself. It is a love affair that... Click Here To Read More

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