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Home: A : Aaron Jeoffrey

Artist Info

Name: Aaron Jeoffrey

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Star Song Group
Website: None

Aaron Jeoffrey's music has been touching the souls of it's listeners by having great melodies and deep lyrics. This father and son duo have not only created some great Christian music but they have also been a great role for all the father and son's in the world. Just by listening to their music you can see that Jesus is the center of their lives. Let's hope that they continue to make great music together.

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The Climb (1997)
After The Rain (1996)
Aaron Jeoffrey (1994)



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Album, The Climb

Album, After The Rain
Album, Aaron Jeoffrey

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Aaron & Jeoffrey is a father-son duo with three albums under their belt. Their most recent album is "The Climb". Musically, Aaron takes more of a lead-vocal role. Meanwhile, his dad, Jeoffrey, provides a larger share of the matchless harmonies for which Aaron & Jeoffrey has become...Click Here To Read More

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