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Home: A : Aaron Shust

Artist Info

Names: Aaron Shust

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Brash Music
Similar Artists: The Wallflowers, John Mayer


Aaron Shust has burst onto the music scene with his hit single "My Savior, My God". Listeners will be singing along to all his songs, even before they're over. Aaron is definetely a Christian artist to watch out for.

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Anything Worth Saying (2006)



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Album, Anything Worth Saying

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Christian Music Today, A One-Hit Wonder?


What could possibly make a mainstream independent record label—one with a coveted, hard-earned reputation for great music—take a first-time risk on a genre it knew little about?

Simple: Exceptional songwriting. Tremendous heart.

So when Atlanta's Brash Music, created under the leadership of former Mindspring president and COO Mike McQuary, heard Aaron Shust's honest, hooky songs, the staff knew... Click Here To Read More

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