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Artist Info

Names: John Waller-lead vocals, rhythm guitar
Matt Adkins-lead guitar, rhythm guitar, vocals
Jason Hoard-lead guitar, mandolin, accordion, vocals
Brian Scoggin-drums, vocals
Heath Balltzglier-bass guitar, vocals

Genre: Worship, Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: None

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Greater Things
Beyond What I see
Song Of Jabez
According To John




Album, Greater Things
Album, Beyond What I see
Album, Song Of Jabez
Album, According To John

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Father bless me indeed
You are all that I need
Expand my horizons beyond what I see
Put your hand upon me
And keep me from evil today
This is what I pray...

"Song of Jabez" by John Waller & Scott Johnson

The brief but powerful biblical reference to the life of a man named Jabez has been a catalyst for prayer and transformation in churches across America. Indeed, this man who lived thousands of years ago prayed a simple prayer that has sparked a revival among believers... Click Here To Read More

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