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Home: A : All Star United

Artist Info

Names: Ian Eskelin (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Jeremy Hunter (bass), Matt Payne (drums), Mike Payne (guitars)

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Furious? Records

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Revolution (2002)
Smash Hits: The Best of All Star United (1999)
International Anthems for the Human Race (1998)
All Star United (1997)


Biggest European Festival Kicks Off Today
All Star United Mainstream Aspirations Canned
Furious? Records USA Becomes A Reality


Album, Revolution
Album, Smash Hits: The Best of All Star United
Album, International Anthems for the Human Race
Album, All Star United

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In just six years All Star United has presented an unprepared world with a critically acclaimed, Grammy nominated, self-titled debut, followed with International Anthems For The Human Race, and the presumptuously-titled Smash Hits. They globe-trotted their way into some of the world's coolest venues and festivals while record companies and fans queued up outside the door. Where, then, do they go from here? The long-awaited... Click Here To Read More

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