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Home: A : All Together Separate

Artist Info

Names: Dex Alexander (vocals, keyboards), Charles Rumahlewang (bass, keyboards), Andrew Shirley (guitar, vocals), Ben Rayls (drums)

Genre: Pop, Rock, Worship
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Ardent Records
Website: N/A

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Unusual (2002)
Ardent Worship: Live (2000)
All Together Separate (1999)


Europe Doesn't Understand Tour Cancellations
Ardent Rockin' Another Sampler
All Together Separate: Unusual, Honest & Sincere


Album, Unusual
Ardent Worship: Live
Album, All Together Separate

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Interviews Interview, "It's Out of Their Hands", 1/11/01


Many things about Southern California-based All Together Separate could be called unusual, but somehow all that uniqueness seems to flow together perfectly. Dex Alexander, (lead singer) Andrew "Drew" Shirley, (lead guitarist) Ben Rayls (drummer) and Charles Rumahlewang (bass) come from diverse backgrounds — racially, economically and spiritually — and have never felt the need to hone in on one specific musical style. They have instead always written and played whatever felt right for each particular tune. And while, in theory, this is a big no-no in the music industry (too hard to market), the music of All Together Separate seamlessly... Click Here To Read More

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