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Home: A : Amy Grant

Artist Info

Name: Amy Grant

Genre: Pop, Country
Number of Albums: 20
Record Label: Word Records
Similar Artists: Faith Hill, Shania Twain

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Rock Of Ages...Hymns & Faith (2005)
Greatest Hits (1986-2004)
Simple Things (2003)
Legacy...Hymns & Faith (2002)
A Christmas To Remember (1999)
Behind The Eyes (1997)
House Of Love (1994)
Home For Christmas (1992)
Heart In Motion (1991)
Lead Me On (1988)
The Collection (1986)
Unguarded (1985)
Straight Ahead (1984)
A Christmas Album (1983)
Age To Age (1982)
In Concert Vol. 2 (1981)
In Concert (1980)
Never Alone (1980)
My Father's Eyes (1979)
Amy Grant (1977)


Amy Grant In GMA Hall Of Fame
Amy Grant on the road
Amy Grant welcomed by 15,000+ fans
Limited Edition Ornaments Feature Illustrations By Amy Grant, Point Of Grace And More


Album, Rock Of Ages...Hymns & Faith
Album, Greatest Hits
Album, Simple Things
Album, Legacy...Hymns & Faith
Album, A Christmas To Remember
Album, Behind The Eyes
Album, House Of Love
Album, Home For Christmas
Album, Heart In Motion
Album, Lead Me On
Album, The Collection
Album, Unguarded
Album, Straight Ahead
Album, A Christmas Album
Album, Age To Age
Album, In Concert Vol. 2
Album, In Concert
Album, Never Alone
Album, My Father's Eyes
Album, Amy Grant

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Christian Music Today, Reminiscing with Amy
Christian Music Today, Simply Complicated
Today's Christian Woman Jul/Aug 1998, Amy's Long and Winding Road


If you want to know Amy Grant's story, all you really have to do is listen to her songs. From the first time she picked up a guitar as a teenager and sang for her school friends, to the albums she's recorded that have racked up multiplatinum awards, Amy's always found a... Click Here To Read More

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