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Home: A : Anberlin

Artist Info

Names: Stephen Christian (vocals), Deon Rexroat (bass), Joseph Milligan (guitars), Nate Young (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Tooth & Nail
Similar Artists: The Killers, Foo Fighters, The Cure, Jimmy Eat World

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Cities (2007)
Never Take Friendship Personal (2005)
Blueprints for the Black Market (2003)




Album, Cities
Album, Never Take Friendship Personal
Album, Blueprints for the Black Market

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When Anberlin signed to Tooth & Nail Records in the summer of 2002, you could almost see the stars in their eyes. Though wide-eyed awe generally accompanies a brand new, blooming band upon being given a major green light to their prospective career, there was something so... Click Here To Read More

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