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Home: A : Ashley Cleveland

Artist Info

Name: Ashley Cleveland

Genre: Folk, Rock
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Rambler Records
Similar Artists: Shawn Colvin, John Hiatt, Bob Dylan, Sixteen Horsepower, Emmylou Harris


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Men and Angels Say (2005)
Second Skin (2002)
You Are There (1998)
Lesson of Love (1995)
Bus Named Desire (1993)
Big Town (1991)


Ashley Cleveland's Grammy Award
Ashley Cleveland's Essay To A New Book
Ashley Cleveland Performing At The Dove Awards


Album, Men and Angels Say
Album, Second Skin
Album, You Are There
Album, Lesson of Love
Album, Bus Named Desire
Album, Big Town

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All for Hymn, Christian Music Today


"This record is a love letter to my children, to my mother, to everyone who ever taught me a hymn, to the Presbyterian Church and my Scotch-English roots, to all those who love hymns and (perhaps particularly) to those who have dismissed them as antiquated and irrelevant in modern worship. I have such a deep desire to keep the hymns alive in the church."
—Ashley Cleveland on Men and Angels Say, her sixth album.
Two-time Grammy winner Ashley Cleveland has been acclaimed by critics, fans, and her colleagues across a myriad of music genres, including luminaries such as Jars of Clay, John Hiatt, Michael McDonald, Faith Hill, Delbert McClinton, Etta James, Martina McBride, Russ Taff and Rich Mullins. Her latest release, Men and Angels Say, is a collection of hymns, yet it could be her most... Click Here To Read More

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