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Artist Info

Name: Bebe Winans

Genre: Urban/R&B, Pop, Gospel
Number of Albums: 10
Record Label: Sparrow Records
Similar Artists: Luther Vandross, Boyz II Men, R. Kelly, Brian Mcknight

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Dream (2005)
Live and Up Close (2002)
Love & Freedom (2000)
BeBe Winans (1997)

With CeCe Winans:
First Christmas (1997)
BeBe and CeCe Winans (1997)
Greatest Hits (1996)
Relationships (1994)
Different Lifestyles (1991)
Heaven (1988)


Cece And Bebe Winans To Perform On Oprah


Album, Dream
Album, Live and Up Close
Album, Love & Freedom
Album, BeBe Winans

With CeCe Winans:
Album, First Christmas
Album, BeBe and CeCe Winans
Album, Greatest Hits
Album, Relationships
Album, Different Lifestyles
Album, Heaven

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Shaken. Experiences in our lives, be they of our own doing or not, often leave us shaken. But for those with a solid foundation of family, friends and a relationship with Christ, those times do not have to leave us broken, but instead can be used to bring about new creation.

BeBe Winans has experienced some shaking. Some were of his own doing: he and sister/recording partner CeCe taking time off to pursue their own artistic dreams, BeBe's manifesting themselves as production projects and acting roles. Some were planned for and cherished: the birth of his daughter Miya Destiny, as one example. And some threatened he... Click Here To Read More

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