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Home: B : Bethany Dillon

Artist Info

Names: Bethany Dillon

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Sparrow Records
Similar Artists: Sheryl Crow, Sarah McLachlin, Anna Nalick, Jewel

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Imagination (2005)
Bethany Dillon (2004)


Bethany Dillon Runs For The Borders
Bethany Dillon Walks The Red Carpet To National Media Attention with Dreamer


Album, Imagination
Album, Bethany Dillon

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Popular music is the voice box of culture; it tells our stories in present tense. And every day, new voices chime in with perspectives either generic or poignant, chaff or wheat. As a culture, we're listening for the real thing: we want the hope, and we want the song to resonate. Once in awhile, we get what we... Click Here To Read More

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