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Home: B : Big Daddy Weave

Artist Info

Names: Mike Weaver (vocals, guitar), Jeremy Redmon (guitars, vocals), Jeff Jones (drums, percussion), Joe Shirk (saxophones, keyboards, vocals), Jay Weaver (bass, vocals)

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Fervent Records
Similar Artists: Train, Sister Hazel, Gin Blossoms, Dave Matthews Band

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What Life Would Be Like (2008)
Everytime I Breath (2006)
What I Was Made For (2005)

Fields of Grace (2003)
One and Only (2002)
Neighborhoods (N/A)


Big Daddy Weave's Sophomore Project!
Fervent Records Signs 2nd Band


Album, What I Was Made For
Album, Fields of Grace
Album, One and Only
Album, Neighborhoods

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Christian Music Today, The 'I' Of The Storm, Building on an Audience of One


Fields of Grace finds Fervent Records band Big Daddy Weave exploring new territory as first-time producers, while offering their fans a glimpse of the energy found in a live show. With a solid debut signaling the arrival of a major new talent (Billboard), One And Only hit the Christian Soundscan Charts at no. 5, making it the highest debut for a new artist in 2002. Their first single, In Christ, quickly proved its connection with listeners by becoming the highest charting AC single for a new artist that year as well. Combined with other top radio hits and extensive touring throughout 2003 with Rebecca St. James, Big Daddy Weave quickly... Click Here To Read More

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