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Home: B : Brother's Keeper

Artist Info

Names: Philip Enzor, John Sanders, and Gabe Dunlap

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Ardent Records

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Cover Me (2002)
Brother's Keeper (1999)


Brother's Keeper To Promote New Album
Ardent Records Announces New Brother's Keeper
Ardent Artists In Studio


Album, Cover Me
Album, Brother's Keeper

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Modern life values beauty over most everything else.

The images we’re bombarded with showcase the aesthetically pleasing, often to the detriment of the true substance within.

But the men of Brother’s Keeper -- Philip Enzor, John Sanders and Gabe Dunlap -- want to show you something deeper. They wish to highlight the aspects -- of friendship, of commitment, of faith -- that make this life worth much more... Click Here To Read More

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