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Home: B : By The Tree

Artist Info

Names: Chuck Dennie (vocals, guitar), Aaron Blanton (drums, percussion, vocals), Ben Davis (bass, keyboards, vocals)

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Fervent Records
Similar Artists: U2, The Police, The Outfield, Coldplay, Veritical Horizon

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Hold You High (2004)
Root (2003)
These Days (2002)
Invade My Soul (2001)


By The Tree Releases Hold You High
By the Tree Releases Root July 1st
Kevin Rhoads Leaves By The Tree


Album, Hold You High
Album, Root
Album, These Days
Album, Invade My Soul

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Two-time Dove Award winners By The Tree have made a name for themselves mixing the splendor of pop-rock melodies with the redeeming character of honest worship. Beyond the entertaining value of the band's hook-laden tunes lies a truly refreshing breath of air for the soul. Now with the release of their fourth studio album Hold You High, By The Tree finds themselves returning to the... Click Here To Read More

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