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Home: C : Caedmon's Call

Artist Info

Names: Cliff Young (vocals, guitar), Danielle Young (vocals), Josh Moore (B3 organ, keyboards, guitar), Garett Buell (percussion), Jeff Miller (bass), Todd Bragg (drums), Andrew Osenga (guitars, vocals)

Genre: Folk, Pop
Number of Albums: 13
Record Label: INO Records
Similar Artists: Paul Simon, Counting Crows

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Overdressed (2007)
Thankful: The Best of Caedmon's Call (2007)
In The Company Of Angels II: The World Will Sing (2006)
Share the Well (2004)
Chronicles (2004)
Back Home (2003)
In the Company of Angels (2001)
Long Line of Leavers (2000)
40 Acres (1999)
Intimate Portrait - EP (1998)
Caedmon's Call (1997)
Just Don't Want Coffee (1995)
My Calm // Your Storm (1994)


Share The Well with Caedmon's Call
Caedmon's Call Honored By Compassion International
Jars Of Clay And Caedmon's Call Rejoin For Fall Tour


Album, Overdressed
Album, Thankful: The Best of Caedmon's Call
Album, In The Company Of Angels II: The World Will Sing
Album, Share the Well
Album, Chronicles
Album, Back Home
Album, In the Company of Angels
Album, Long Line of Leavers
Album, 40 Acres
Album, Intimate Portrait - EP
Album, Caedmon's Call
Album, Just Don't Want Coffee
Album, My Calm // Your Storm

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Christian Music Today, July 2004, "Call Heard Round the World"
Christian Music Today, March 2003, "Cultivating a Community of Songwriters"
Christian Music Today, It Is Well with Caedmon's Call


It is Sunday morning in Lucknow, India. Two young sisters huddle near a well, each clutching an empty clay cup. There on the dusty ground they wait, thirsty, as morning gives way to the heat of late afternoon. Throughout the day, hundreds approach the well to fill their pots as the two children watch, holding their... Click Here To Read More

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