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Home: C : Carman

Artist Info

Name: Carman

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 23
Record Label: Sparrow Records
Similar Artists: Tom Jones, Ricky Martin

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House Of Praise (2003)
Heart of a Champion (2000)
Passion For Praise Vol. 1(1999)
Mission 3:16 (1998)
The Best of the Early Years (1997)
I Surrender All (1996)
R.I.O.T. (1995)
Yo Kidz! 2: Armor of God (1994)
The Standard (1993)
The Absolute Best (1993)
Lord of All: Songs of Carman (1993)
Yo Kidz! (1992)
Revival In the Land (1992)
High Praises Vol. 2 (1991)
High Praises Vol. 1 (1991)
Addicted to Jesus (1991)
Shakin' the House—Live (1991)
Radically Saved (1988)
Christmas With Carman (1986/1995)
The Champion (1985)
Comin' On Strong (1984)
Sunday's On the Way (1983)
Some O' Dat (1982)


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Amazing Lineup For Newsong's 2003 Winter JAM Tour
Child Of The Promise Tour Cancelled!


Album, House Of Praise
Album, Heart of a Champion
Album, Passion For Praise Vol. 1
Album, Mission 3:16
Album, The Best of the Early Years
Album, I Surrender All
Album, R.I.O.T.
Album, Yo Kidz! 2: Armor of God
Album, The Standard
Album, The Absolute Best
Album, Lord of All: Songs of Carman
Album, Yo Kidz!
Album, Revival In the Land
Album, High Praises Vol. 2
Album, High Praises Vol. 1
Album, Addicted to Jesus
Album, Shakin' the House—Live
Album, Radically Saved
Album, Christmas With Carman
Album, The Champion
Album, Comin' On Strong
Album, Sunday's On the Way
Album, Some O' Dat

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