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Home: C : Carolyn Arends

Artist Info

Name: Carolyn Arends

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 8
Record Label: N/A
Similar Artists: Shawn Colvin, Joni Mitchell, Sheryl Crow

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Christmas: An Irrational Season (2004)
Under the Gaze (2004)
We've Been Waiting for You (2002)
Travelers (2001)
Seize the Day and Other Stories (2000)
This Much I Understand (1999)
Feel Free (1997)
I Can Hear You (1995)


Carolyn Arends Selling Her Original Guitar
Carolyn Arends Nominated For Vibe Awards
Carolyn Arends Writes For Moody Magazine


Album, Christmas: An Irrational Season
Album, Under the Gaze
Album, We've Been Waiting for You
Album, Travelers
Album, Seize the Day and Other Stories
Album, This Much I Understand
Album, Feel Free
Album, I Can Hear You

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Christian Music Today, Running Arends
Today's Christian Woman Mar/Apr 1998, Out of the Ordinary
Campus Life Jul/Aug 1997, Folk Meets Rock Head-On


Much has happened in the five years since Carolyn Arends last recorded a "regular" album, 1999's acclaimed This Much I Understand. She went indie and started her own label. She and husband Mark had their second child. She wrote a couple of books. She toured. And she did a few niche albums—a greatest hits CD, a rootsy acoustic record, and a project of poignant songs about... Click Here To Read More

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