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Home: C : Cece Winans

Artist Info

Name: Cece Winans

Genre: Pop, Urban/R&B, Gospel
Number of Albums: 13
Record Label: Wellspring/INO Records
Similar Artists: Natalie Cole, Shirley Caesar, Tramaine Hawkins, Whitney Houston, Lauryn Hill

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Purified (2005)
Throne Room (2003)
CeCe Winans (2001)
Alabaster Box (1999)
His Gift (1998)
Everlasting Love (1998)
Alone in His Presence (1995)

With BeBe Winans:
First Christmas (1997)
BeBe and CeCe Winans (1997)
Greatest Hits (1996)
Relationships (1994)
Different Lifestyles (1991)
Heaven (1988)


Encore of CeCe Hosting TBN March 10, 2005
CeCe's Girls Conference 2006 March 8, 2005
Vote for CeCe January 21, 2005


Album, Throne Room
Album, CeCe Winans
Album, Alabaster Box
Album, His Gift
Album, Everlasting Love
Album, Alone in His Presence

With BeBe Winans:
Album, First Christmas
Album, BeBe and CeCe Winans
Album, Greatest Hits
Album, Relationships
Album, Different Lifestyles
Album, Heaven

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Marriage Partnership Spring 2000, The Loves' Story


It's virtually impossible to talk about CeCe Winans without acknowledging her artistic influence on an entire musical genre and the groundbreaking achievements she's accomplished over the past two decades. Blessed with one of the music industry's greatest voices, CeCe has crossed all stylistic, social and age barriers with her... Click Here To Read More

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