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Home: C : Charlie Hall

Artist Info

Names: Charlie Hall

Genre: Worship, Rock, Folk
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: sixsteps / EMI Records

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Flying Into Daybreak (2006)
On the Road to Beautiful (2003)
Porch and Altar (2000)
Thought (1998)
Joel's Window (1997)


Charlie Hall is On The Road To Beautiful


Album, Flying Into Daybreak
Album, On the Road to Beautiful
Album, Porch and Altar
Album, Thought
Album, Joel's Window

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Christian Music Today, Flying Into Daybreak
Christian Music Today, On the Road to Beautiful
Christian Music Today, Porch and Altar


"This music is for those people who want to change the world and for those who are trying to make it through the next few hours and for everyone in between." —Charlie Hall

Charlie Hall is a contemplative and confident artist that is always on the journey of defining and questioning who he is and who God is. Hall has again crafted songs that will resonate deeply with listeners with Flying Into Daybreak. With his last, critically acclaimed record, On the Road to Beautiful, Hall wrote... Click Here To Read More

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