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Home: C : Cindy Morgan

Artist Info

Name: Cindy Morgan

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 8
Record Label: Reunion/Provident Records
Similar Artists: Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Sarah McLachlan, Mariah Carey, Shawn Colvin, Sheryl Crow

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Postcards (2006)
Elementary (2001)
The Best So Far (2000)
The Loving Kind (1998)
Listen (1996)
Under the Waterfall (1995)
Real Life (1992)
Reason to Live (1992)


Prolific Singer/Songwriter Cindy Morgan to Release Postcards in February


Album, Postcards
Album, Elementary
Album, The Best So Far
Album, The Loving Kind
Album, Listen
Album, Under the Waterfall
Album, Real Life
Album, Reason to Live

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