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Home: C : Cool Hand Luke

Artist Info

Names: Mark Nicks (vocals, drums, keyboards), Chris Susi (guitars), Brandon Morgan (bass)

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Floodgate Records
Similar Artists: Death Cab For Cutie

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The Fires of Life (2004)
Wake Up, O Sleeper (2003)




Album, The Fires of Life
Album, Wake Up, O Sleeper

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Interviews, First Impressions: Cool Hand Luke


Following up their critically acclaimed national debut, Cool Hand Luke continues their musical journey with The Fires of Life.

Under the guidance of producers Steve Hindalong (City on a Hill, Jeremy Camp) and Marc Byrd (City on a Hill, Glassbyrd) and engineer Skye McCaskey (MercyMe, Rebecca St. James), The Fires of Life continues on... Click Here To Read More

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