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Home: C : Crystal Lewis

Artist Info

Name: Crystal Lewis

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 20
Record Label: Metro One
Similar Artists: Kimberly Locke, Kelly Clarkson

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See (2005)
Santo, Santo, Santo (2003)
Holy, Holy, Holy (2002)
More Live (2002)
More (2001)
Fearless (2000)
Live at Woodlands (1999)
Gold (1998)
Best of the Harvest (1996)
Beauty for Ashes (1995)
Wild Blue Yonder (1995)
Hymns: My Life (1995)
Greatest Hits (1994)
The Remix Collection (1994)
The Bride (1993)
Remember (1992)
Simply the Best (1991)
Let Love In (1990)
Joy (1989)
Beyond the Charade (1987)




Album, See
Album, Santo, Santo, Santo
Album, Holy, Holy, Holy
Album, More Live
Album, More
Album, Fearless
Album, Live at Woodlands
Album, Gold
Album, Best of the Harvest
Album, Beauty for Ashes
Album, Wild Blue Yonder
Album, Hymns: My Life
Album, Greatest Hits
Album, The Remix Collection
Album, The Bride
Album, Remember
Album, Simply the Best
Album, Let Love In
Album, Joy
Album, Beyond the Charade

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I was born in 1969 in a little-known town called Corona. The city lay between empty hills and empty roads on a long stretch of almost empty land called southern California. Wait, I'm not that old. California was thickly inhabited at that point in time. There were, however, hundreds of acres of citrus groves and dairy farms then that are not there today. I have journeyed long and sometimes hard to get to where I am now. There have been countless moments of wonder and doubt and confusion and yet I look back with little regret and much delight. Delighted because I am fully... Click Here To Read More

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