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Home: D : Darrell Evans

Artist Info

Name: Darrell Evans

Genre: Worship
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: N/A

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Uncharted Waters (2005)
Consuming Fire (2004)
Songs Of Darrell Evans (2002)
All I Want Is You (2001)
Freedom (1998)
You Are I Am (1998)
Let The River Flow (1997)


Darrell Evans' Consuming Fire


Album, Consuming Fire
Album, Trading My Sorrows: Songs Of Darrell Evans
Album, All I Want Is You
Album, Freedom
Album, You Are I Am
Album, Let The River Flow

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Consuming Fire – Darrell Evans and Friends is Darrell Evan’s latest and most passionate project. Leading listeners through a live worship experience, he brings along guests like Kate Miner, Paul Baloche, Charlie Hall, and Kevin Prosch to contribute to the project. Produced by Evans himself, this album features numerous new worship songs plus a new version of, “Fields of Grace.” Darrell enjoyed... Click Here To Read More

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