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Home: D : David Crowder

Artist Info

Names: David Crowder (vocals, guitar), Jason Solley (guitar), Jack Parker (guitar), Jeremy Bush (drums), Mike Dodson (bass), Mike Hogan (electric violin, record scratches)

Genre: Worship, Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: sixsteps/Sparrow Records

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Sunsets and Sushi (2005)
The Lime CD (2004)
Illuminate (2003)
Can You Hear Us? (2002)
All I Can Say (1998)


David Crowder Band In Mainstream Spotlight
David Crowder Band's Illuminate Debuts at #1
Guitar Named After David Crowder
David Crowder Band Honored With Premiere Guitar Maker’s “Atom”


Album, Sunsets and Sushi
Album, The Lime CD
Album, Illuminate
Album, Can You Hear Us?
Album, All I Can Say

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Christian Music Today, Discussing Worship with David Crowder


Free spirited singer/guitarist David Crowder has been steeped in student ministry and passionate worship for several years as the Music and Arts Pastor at University Baptist Church in Waco, Texas. Crowder has connected with peers nationwide, gaining a major grassroots support system via sold-over Internet chatters, an appearance on the top-selling Passion release Road To One Day, and... Click Here To Read More

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