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Home: D : dc Talk

Artist Info

Names: Toby McKeehan (vocals), Michael Tait (vocals), Kevin Max (vocals)

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 8
Record Label: Forefront Records
Similar Artists: New Kids On The Block, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Color Me Badd, Seal

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Solo (2001)
Intermission: The Greatest Hits (2000)
Supernatural (1998)
Welcome To the Freak Show (1997)
Jesus Freak (1995)
Free At Last (1992)
Nu Thang (1990)
dc Talk (1989)


dc Talk's Next Album...
Jars of Clay, dc Talk, & Kirk Franklin 'Inside Out'
Kevin Max Comments On 'The Hardway'


Album, Solo
Album, Intermission: The Greatest Hits
Album, Supernatural
Album, Welcome To the Freak Show
Album, Jesus Freak
Album, Free At Last
Album, Nu Thang
Album, dc Talk

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10 Years of Free at Last
"What Rap Does Right," CT interview with Toby McKeehan, 1/08/01
Christianity Today 12/06/99, Elegy For a Jesus Freak interview with Michael Tait
Campus Life May/Jun 1999, My Dad My Hero
Campus Life Nov/Dec 1998, Out of This World
Campus Life May/Jun 1998, So What Would Jesus Do?


Like modern-day musical Lewis and Clarks, the three members of dc talk have spent more than a decade exploring uncharted territory and expanding our notions of the world. Along the way, this acclaimed and best-selling band of pioneering musicians has transformed the Christian music industry and broken down the walls. Their albums have mixed rock, rap and pop in previously unimaginable ways, winning numerous Grammy and Dove awards in the process. Their energetic concerts have continually broken new... Click Here To Read More

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