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Home: D : Delirious

Artist Info

Names: Martin Smith (vocals, guitar), Stu "Stu G" Garrard (guitars), Tim Jupp (keyboards), Jon "Jonson" Thatcher (bass), Stew Smith (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 10
Record Label: Furious Records
Similar Artists: Coldplay, Radiohead, Oasis

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The Mission Bell (2005)
World Service (2004)
Access:D (2003)
Touch (2002)
Deeper: The definitive Worship Experience (2001)
Glo (2000)
Mezzamorphis (1999)
King of Fools (1998)
Cutting Edge (1998)
Live and In the Can (1996/1998)


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Album, The Mission Bell
Album, World Service
Album, Access:D
Album, Touch
Album, Deeper: The d:finitive Worship Experience
Album, Glo
Album, Mezzamorphis
Album, King of Fools
Album, Cutting Edge
Album, Live and In the Can

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Christian Music Today 2003, Touching Lives with Music that Matters
Campus Life Jan/Feb 1999, Crazy name aside …


For a band who are truly global, who have connected so truly with so many people there can be only one choice of title for this, their sixth studio album: World Service. This is big picture stuff, full of epics, anthems and soundtracks designed to draw a crowd, capture... Click Here To Read More

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