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Home: D : Derek Webb

Artist Info

Name: Derek Webb

Genre: Folk, Pop, Country
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: INO Records

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Mockingbird (2005)
I See Things Upside Down (2004)
The House Show (2004)
She Must And Shall Go Free (2003)


Derek Webb Leaves Caedmon's Call
Derek Webb To Release 'She Must And Shall Go Free'
Derek Webb Sure to Raise Eyebrows with New Songs on Controversial New CD


Album, Mockingbird
Album, I See Things Upside Down
Album, The House Show
Album, She Must and Shall Go Free

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Christian Music Today, An Unfiltered Webb
Christian Music Today, He Sees Things Upside Down


Derek Webb doesn't have anything to say about the songs on his new album.

This will come as a surprise to those familiar with this founding member of Caedmon's Call who is rarely at a loss for words. A solo artist since early 2003, Webb has strong opinions founded on steely convictions and he shares them freely. Attend one of his past live shows and you've likely heard as much teaching as singing. And we're not talking about devotional fluff meant to make fans feel warm and fuzzy as they head for the door. He has a... Click Here To Read More

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