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Home: D : Dogwood

Artist Info

Names: Josh Kemble - vocals
Danny Montoya - guitar / bgv's
Rob Hann - bass
Corbin - drums

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 6
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records

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Reverse Then Forward Again (2004)
Seismic (2003)
Matt Aragon (2001)
This is not a new album (2001)
Building a better me (2000)
More than Conquerors (1999)


Dogwood Best San Diego Punk Band
New Tooth & Nail Sampler


Album, Reverse Then Forward Again
Album, Seismic
Album, Matt Aragon
Album, This is not a new album
Album, Building a better me
Album, More than Conquerors

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The well-oiled machine known as Dogwood has been bringing misery to soundmen and venue owners for almost eight years now. But in all seriousness, we have gone through some member changes over the years, always for the... Click Here To Read More

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