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Home: D : Downhere

Artist Info

Names: Marc Martel (vocals, lead guitars), Jason Germain (vocals, keyboards, guitars), Jeremy Thiessen (drums), Glenn Lavender (bass)

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Word/Warner Records
Similar Artists: Vertical Horizon, BNL

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Wide-Eyed And Mystified (2006)
So Much for Substitutes (2003)
downhere (2001)


Downhere Premieres Songs During Radio Tour
Downhere To Release Sophomore Album June 10
Happy New Year!!


Album, Wide-Eyed And Mystified
Album, So Much for Substitutes
Album, downhere

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Interviews, June 2002, downhere's Colorful Personalities


When downhere begs the question "Are you comfortable being so comfortable?" on their sophomore album's cozy zone cruncher "Comatose" the band isn't only holding listeners accountable for their actions, they're disclosing the primary grappling that penetrates members' artistry and spirituality. Sure, the group could have rested on the... Click Here To Read More

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