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Artist Info

Names: Adam LaClave (vocals), Paul Meany (keyboards, vocals), Dave Rumsey (guitars), Roy Mitchell (bass), David Hutchison (drums)

Genre: Rock, Dance/Techno
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Sparrow Records
Similar Artists: Steely Dan, Rage Against the Machine, Fishbone

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The Rise of Modern Simulation (2003)
Kaleidoscope Superior (2000)


Earthsuit Goes Independent
Earthsuit And Kendall Payne UK Singles
Drummer Leaves Earthsuit


Album, The Rise of Modern Simulation
Album, Kaleidoscope Superior

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"Christianity's role in modern society should be like a lighthouse. But too often the church has come across as judgmental, more like a courthouse. Our real calling is just to be salt and light, to show the world the truth. As a band, that's what we want to be about—just jumping right into the middle of everything and... Click Here To Read More

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