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Home: E : Eli

Artist Info

Name: Eli

Genre: Pop, Folk, Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Forefront Records

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Gratitude (2004)
Now the News (2001)
Second Hand Clothing (1999)
Things I Prayed For (1998)


Eli Releases Live CD Only Available Online
Eli's 'Beggars' On TV


Album, Gratitude
Album, Now the News
Album, Second Hand Clothing
Album, Things I Prayed For

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Interviews chat transcript, Jan. 2000 interview 1999, The Second Hand Keeps Turning In His Life interview 1998, Walk a Mile In His Shoes


eLi was born and raised in southern California. His dad left home in eLi's early childhood and he grew up in a blended family with his mother and stepfather who tried their best to instill values that he strongly rebelled against. "I attempted a career as a runaway, became an addict using both alcohol and... Click Here To Read More

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