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Home: E : Erin O' Donnell

Artist Info

Name: Erin O' Donnell

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Inpop Records
Similar Artists: Michelle Branch, Jessica Simpson

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Christmas Time Is Here (2004)
Wide Wide World (2003)
No Place So Far (2001)
Scratching the Surface (1998)
A Scrapbook of Sorts (1996)




Album, Christmas Time Is Here
Album, Wide Wide World
Album, No Place So Far
Album, Scratching the Surface
Album, A Scrapbook of Sorts

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Butterflies surround Erin O'Donnell and her three-year-old daughter, Quinn. It's a sun-lit summer afternoon, and Quinn has just discovered butterflies for the first time in her budding life. Erin has spent a lot of time lately reflecting on the beauty in everyday objects as she follows her young daughter around on her... Click Here To Read More

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