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Artist Info

Names: Trey Pearson (vocals), Andrew Martin (guitar), Jason Siemer (guitar), Dan Hunter (bass), Chris Hines (drums)

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Flicker Records
Similar Artists: Jimmy Eatworld

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Wake Up! Wake Up! (2007)
Anthems for the Imperfect (2004)
Stand Up (2002)


Everyday Sunday Hits #1
Flicker Debuts New Act Everyday Sunday


Album, Wake Up! Wake Up!
Album, Anthems for the Imperfect
Album, Stand Up

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Songs are like people they'll never be perfect.

With songs, you can write and rewrite, compose and rearrange, fiddle and twiddle and drive yourself mad striving for the perfect element that says exactly what you want to say. And still fall short.

With people, you can coax and cajole, reason and argue, plead and meddle and work yourself into a lather trying to make someone see the error of their ways. And still fall short.

It's when you come to that realization, that moment of clarity that nothing on this plane of existence can be perfect, when you accept...Click Here To Read More

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