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Home: F : Fernando Ortega

Artist Info

Name: Fernando Ortega

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 14
Record Label: Curb Records
Similar Artists: Dan Fogelberg, James Taylor

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Fernando Ortega (2004)
Live In St. Paul (2004)
Hymns of Worship (2003)
Storm (2002)
Camino Largo (2001)
Home (2000)
Give Me Jesus - EP (1999)
The Breaking of the Dawn (1998)
This Bright Hour (1997)
Night of Your Return (1995)
Hymns and Meditations (1994)
Meditations of the Heart Encore (1993)
Meditations of the Heart (1992)
In a Welcome Field (1991/2000)


Next Door Saviour Companion CD
Fernando Ortega Dove Award
'You Are Lovely' With Fernando Ortega


Album, Fernando Ortega
Album, Live In St. Paul
Album, Hymns of Worship
Album, Storm
Album, Camino Largo
Album, Home
Album, Give Me Jesus - EP
Album, The Breaking of the Dawn
Album, This Bright Hour
Album, Night of Your Return
Album, Hymns and Meditations
Album, Meditations of the Heart Encore
Album, Meditations of the Heart
Album, In a Welcome Field

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Christian Music Today, The Essence of Songwriting
Christian Music Today, At Home with Fernando Ortega
Christian Reader Sep/Oct 2001, "Fernando Ortega's Deep Simplicity"


After all this time …

After all the music …

After all his performances throughout the world, bringing hope and comfort to listeners whether radiant in their faith or shadowed by doubt …

It's time to meet Fernando Ortega as you've not met him before. Which is why his next album is titled, simply, Fernando Ortega.

In his first release on the Curb imprint, Ortega offers a self-portrait that's as honest as it is inspirational. Already celebrated... Click Here To Read More

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