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Artist Info

Names: Jeromy Deibler (vocals, keyboards, guitar), Brian Smith (bass, vocals), Jennifer Deibler (vocals, guitar), Michael Boggs (guitar, vocals)

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 9
Record Label: Essential Records
Similar Artists: The Beatles

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Voice from Home (2005)
Still the Cross (2004)
Ready to Fly (2003)
Have I Ever Told You (2001)
Found a Place (2000)
I Want to Be Like You (1998)
Take Me As I Am – EP (1998)
One of These Days (1998)
Called a Christian (1996)


FFH Performs Concert For Fort Jackson Soldiers
FFH Gets Ready To Fly On April 15
FFH Nominated For Multiple Inspirational Life Awards
FFH to Release New Album Inspired by Pastor and Author Rich Stevenson


Album, Voice From Home
Album, Still the Cross
Album, Ready To Fly
Album, Have I Ever Told You
Album, Found a Place
Album, I Want to Be Like You
Album, Take Me As I Am – EP
Album, One of These Days
Album, Called a Christian

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Christian Music Today 11/03, Shifting Gears
Christian Music Today interview 2000, Being Jesus' Hands and Feet


For powerhouse pop band FFH, life couldn't be more in focus than it is right now as they prepare to launch their fifth studio album, Still the Cross.

Timing is everything, or so the old adage goes. And true perspective—the kind it takes to see clearly—can only be gained over time. Time to see the... Click Here To Read More

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