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Home: F : Five Iron Frenzy

Artist Info

Names: Dennis Culp (trombone), Nathanael "Brad" Dunham (trumpet), Keith Hoerig (bass), Sonnie Johnston (guitar), Jeff "The Girl" Ortega (saxophone), Micah Ortega (guitar), Reese Roper (vocals), Andrew Verdecchio

Genre: Ska/Reggae, Rock
Number of Albums: 9
Record Label: Five Minute Walk
Similar Artists: The Aquabats, Smash Mouth, Save Ferris, Sublime, Mad Caddies

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The End Is Here (2004)
The End Is Near (2003)
Cheeses Of Nazareth (2003)
Electric Boogaloo (2001)
All The Hype That Money Can Buy (2000)
Proof That The Youth Are Revolting (1999)
Quantity Is Job 1 (1998)
Our Newest Album Ever (1997)
Upbeats and Beatdowns (1996)


Five Iron Frenzy Disbands
Five Iron Frenzy Releases Electric Boogaloo
Electric Youth Tour Continues


Album, The End Is Here
Album, The End Is Near
Album, Cheeses…
Album, Electric Boogaloo
Album, All The Hype That Money Can Buy
Album, Live: Proof That The Youth Are Revolting
Album, Quantity Is Job 1
Album, Our Newest Album Ever
Album, Upbeats and Beatdowns

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Christian Music Today 01/05, Still Frenzied
Christian Music Today 11/03, The End Is Here
Christianity Today 05/24/99, Where No Ministry Has Gone Before
Campus Life March/April 1999, ska mania


Five Iron Frenzy, the octet from Denver, Colorado, has been attracting passionate and eclectic fans since their inception in 1995. Formed out of the unlikely ashes of an industrial/thrash band called Exhumator, Five Iron Frenzy quickly made a name for themselves in the Denver club scene. After playing 60 shows in their first few months of existence, they began receiving attention from several... Click Here To Read More

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