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Home: F : Further Seems Forever

Artist Info

Names: Jon Bunch (vocals), Chad Neptune (bass), Josh Colbert (guitar), Derick Cordoba (guitar), Steve Kleisath (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Similar Artists: Fugazi, Mourning September, Dashboard Confessional

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Hide Nothing (2004)
How to Start a Fire (2003)
The Moon Is Down (2001)


Further Seems Forever On Game Soundtrack
New Further Seems Forever Album On The Way
New Tooth & Nail Sampler


Album, Hide Nothing
Album, How to Start a Fire
Album, The Moon Is Down

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Passion. It's not only the reason so many musicians strive to make a career of their art, but it's the inherent drive to keep aspirations alive and running. It's what pushes a band through the loss of two separate singers and on to a third with hopeful optimism. It's the ingredient that views skeptics as motivation... Click Here To Read More

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