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Home: G : Geoff Moore

Artist Info

Names: Geoff Moore

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Forefront Records

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A Beautiful Sound (2002)
Geoff Moore (1999)

With The Distance:
Threads (1997)
Greatest Hits (1996)
The Early Years (1996)
Home Run (1995)
Evolution (1993)
A Friend Like You (1992)
Pure & Simple (1990)
Foundations (1989)
A Place To Stand (1988)
All the Good Music (1987)


New Release For Geoff Moore
Geoff Moore's Beautiful Sound
Geoff Moore Leads Worship


Album, A Beautiful Sound
Album, Geoff Moore

With The Distance:
Album, Threads
Album, Greatest Hits
Album, The Early Years
Album, Home Run
Album, Evolution
Album, A Friend Like You
Album, Pure & Simple
Album, Foundations
Album, A Place To Stand
Album, All the Good Music

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Interviews, Moore's the Merrier
Campus Life Nov/Dec 1996, Greatest Hits


After 'retiring' his band, The Distance, in 1998, Geoff Moore faced many unknowns in his professional and personal life. The experiences involved with pursuing a solo music career, adopting daughter Anna Grace, having his 40th birthday and the events of September 11 all provided major milestones and... Click Here To Read More

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