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Home: G : Ginny Owens

Artist Info

Name: Ginny Owens

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 5
Record Label: Rocketown Records
Similar Artists: Lilith Fair, Sarah McLachlan, Norah Jones

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Live From New Orleans (2005)
Beautiful (2004)
bluEPrint (2002)
Something More (2002)
Without Condition (1999)


Ginny Owens Live From New Orlean coming May 3, 2005.
Waterfront To Release Bridges
Ginny Owens' iTunes Exclusive EP.
Ginny Owens Completes Fourth Studio Album Long Way Home
Ginny Owens Books 40+ Fall 2005 Tour Dates


Album, Beautiful
Album, bluePrint
Album, Something More
Album, Without Condition

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Christian Music Today, Beautiful Music
Campus Life Jun/Jul 2002, Blind Faith
Christian Music Today, Hey, it's that "unusual singer girl!"


Dear Friends:

I'm writing today because rather than the typical "bio," I wanted to be the one to tell you a bit about myself, my story and my new album, Beautiful. As I contemplate what to write, I'm relaxing in the front lounge of a tour bus and preparing to go on stage where I'll get to share my heart with a group of people I've never met. I can't help but shake my head and wonder... Click Here To Read More

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