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Home: G : Glassbyrd

Artist Info

Names: Marc Byrd (vocals, guitars), Christine Glass (vocals)

Genre: Pop, Worship
Number of Albums: 1
Record Label: Word/Warner Records
Website: N/A

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Open Wide This Window (2003)


Waterfront To Release Bridges
Squint Preparing New Releases


Album, Open Wide This Window

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Some ingredients combine in a way that creates a new chemical entity, with new properties, colors, purposes and uses. Some images combine to create new ones, simultaneously reflective of their original sources and unique unto themselves. Like a soaring bird made of crystalline glass, casting rainbows of refracted light strained from overcast skies, the new musical group GlassByrd weaves a tapestry of undying hopefulness, adoration and spiritual peace that is... Click Here To Read More

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