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Home: H : Hawk Nelson

Artist Info

Names: Jason Dunn (vocals), Dave Clark (guitar), Daniel Biro (bass), Matt Paige (drums)

Genre: Rock
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Tooth & Nail Records
Similar Artists: Good Charlotte, Weezer, Simple Plan

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Smile, It's The End Of The World (2006)
Letters to the President (2004)


Hawk Nelson Makes Big Screen Debut


Album, Smile, It's The End Of The World
Album, Letters to the President

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The concept of following a dream is often reduced to a string of clich statements that can be easily brushed under the rug or be deemed worthy of an eye roll. But despite the non-existent idealism of past generations and the mixed messages thrown at today's youth by the media, there's still some folks governed by tireless work... Click Here To Read More

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