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Home: I : Ill Harmonics

Artist Info

Names: Blake Knight, Playdough, and Tony Gib

Genre: Hip Hop
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Uprok Records
Similar Artists: Outkast

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Monkey Business (2004)
Take Two (2002)
Unknown 12inch (2001)
An Octave Above The Original (2000)


ill Harmonics Releases Take Two
National Hip Hop Day 2001-12-10
ill Harmonics On Festival Con Dios!


Album, Monkey Business
Album, Take Two
Album, Unknown 12inch
Album, An Octave Above The Original

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The hip-hop duo of Ill Harmonics first made waves when they appeared on MTV's the Cut in late 1998, and despite their loss in the Top Ten, Ill Harmonics still inked a deal with Uprok Records. Ill Harmonics, who are keyboardist/bassist Blake Knight and guitarist Playdough, first came together in Dallas while performing in their local church choirs. Knight went to work on... Click Here To Read More

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