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Artist Info

Names: Sara Acker (vocals), Marcus Acker (guitar), Justin Tinnel (guitar), James Colvin (bass), Jerrett Horn (drums)

Genre: Rock, Pop
Number of Albums: 2
Record Label: Fervent/Word Records
Similar Artists: Evanescence

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The Revolution (2005)
Innerview (2003)




Album, The Revolution
Album, Innerview

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Christian Music Today, Ten New Artists for 2005


Who would have guessed back in 1999 when brother/sister duo Marcus and Sara Acker were asked to assemble their talents for a church worship band that the collaboration would lead to the birth of Inhabited. In 2003, Inhabited hit the scene with its independent project, Innerview. The album, based firmly upon a passion to reach kids for Christ through music, afforded Inhabited gigs in coffee houses... Click Here To Read More

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