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Home: J : Jaci Velasquez

Artist Info

Name: Jaci Velasquez

Genre: Pop
Number of Albums: 9
Record Label: Word/ Warner Records
Similar Artists: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Jo Jo

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Beauty Has Grace (2005)
Milagro (2003)
Unspoken (2003)
Christmas (2001)
Mi Corazòn (2001)
Crystal Clear (2000)
Llegar a Ti (1999)
Jaci Velasquez (1998)
Heavenly Place (1996)


Velasquez Receives Latin Grammy Nomination
Jaci Velasquez Launches Her Own Label
Jaci Velasquez Working On New Release
Jaci Velasquez Branches Out on New Disc, 'Beauty Has Grace'


Album, Beauty Has Grace
Album, Milagro
Album, Unspoken
Album, Christmas
Album, Mi Corazòn
Album, Crystal Clear
Album, Llegar a Ti
Album, Jaci Velasquez
Album, Heavenly Place

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Christian Music Today, The Good Life
Today's Christian Woman May/June 2001, Jaci Velasquez
Campus Life March/April 1998, Hanging Out With Jaci V.
Today's Christian Woman November/December 1997


"This is the real me. Am I the girl that you want me to be … with flaws and fears of intimacy?" — from "The Real Me"

It's a question that Word Records artist Jaci Velasquez is asking for the first time in a nine-year career span, eight top-selling records and 23 years of life.

On Unspoken, her first English language studio album in nearly two years, the platinum-selling artist knowingly took a risk and... Click Here To Read More

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