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Home: J : Jennifer Knapp

Artist Info

Name: Jennifer Knapp

Genre: Pop, Rock
Number of Albums: 4
Record Label: Gotee Records
Similar Artists: Jewel, Joni Mitchell, Joan Baez

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The Collection (2003)
The Way I Am (2001)
Lay It Down (2000)
Kansas (1997)


Jennifer Knapp - Comeback Kid
The Jennifer Knapp Collection

2003 Grammy Nominations Announced
Let's Roll Finally Releases
Jennifer Knapp Live CD To Release On January 24th


Album, The Collection
Album, The Way I Am
Album, Lay It Down
Album, Kansas

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Today's Christian Woman March/April 2003, Take Five with Jennifer Knapp
Christianity Today August 5 2002, A Folk-Rock Caravaggio, Dinner at Jen's Place!
Campus Life July/August 2001, A Good Sport
Campus Life Jan/Feb 1999, Close Encounters


Jennifer Knapp's noble career has come a long way in the three years since she won the Dove Award as the "Best New Artist." The Los Angeles Times recently called her "a rising star"; People Magazine has described her as "an uncommonly literate songwriter"; and Billboard proclaimed that "Knapp proves herself to be the cream that rises to the top." With her new album, The Way I Am, Jennifer offers an undeniable reminder that... Click Here To Read More

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