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Home: J : Jill Phillips

Artist Info

Name: Jill Phillips

Genre: Pop, Folk
Number of Albums: 3
Record Label: Fervent Records
Similar Artists: Jonatha Brooke, Shawn Colvin

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Writing on the Wall (2003)
God & Money (2001)
Jill Phillips (1999)


Selah Launches 2nd Annual Christmas Tour
Fervent Records Signs Jill Phillips
ForeFront Releases Left Behind Worship


Album, Writing on the Wall
Album, God & Money
Album, Jill Phillips

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Her voice penetrates a room and her songs silence crowds. She is real and honest. In between goofy banter on stage and spiritually profound songs, Jill Phillips has earned the respect and the attention of crowds large and small.

Few people can stand on their own diverse talent and spend their lives working toward what some call the impossible while keeping their vision alive. Phillips is one of these people. Musically trained, her pop/folk style speaks truth... Click Here To Read More

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